Award winning singer-songwriter, Show Whight has released the brand-new track “Remember,” a heart-felt song that is rich with emotion and a melancholic feel.  To date it is the most personal and intimate song of Whight’s career.  The personal lyrics combine with the music to create a highly emotional song that invites the listener to reminisce of the tender feelings of being in love.  

Whight’s rich, distinct vocals are just as strong as they are melodic and his soothing tone invites you into a deep emotional place that he shares, if only for a brief moment.  The song captures the essence of falling in love and the lyrics paint a picture of the emotions and feelings involved; which now only exists as memories etched into his mind. The song reveals an emotionally vulnerable spirit that longs to hold onto the memory of a love once had.  The lyrics are honest and refreshing as Whight sings “I miss it all, the memory never goes away I miss it all”.

Remember transports you back in time to a place when you were in love.  The song reminds you that the love you once felt still remains and you have the ability to experience it again by simply remembering.  Whight perfectly captured the tone, feel and magic of it all.  In many ways Remember is a song that we can all relate to.